This was another post from the blog I created while Chris was recovering from his bone marrow transplant.

Well, my goal to write on this blog every three days isn’t as manageable as I thought it would be.

Don’t you hate it when life just rains down one load of crap after another?!

Well, I thought I’d share an update on Chris. He has been off of immuno-suppression meds for almost a week now and so far, no significant signs of graft vs. host disease (GVH) and his personality seem to be returning to normal. Now we just continue to play the “wait and see” game to make sure everything runs smoothly and in about 6 months, he’ll be getting his childhood immunization shots (again) and then he’ll be able to go back to work (which I know he’s anxious to do).
All in all, things are ok. His good health definitely counts for something major and is one of the few wonderful things I can say about our current situation.

Unfortunately, the stress and anxiety of keeping all of life’s balls in the air without any of them hitting the ground is getting to be a bit overwhelming. I keep doing all the relaxation tricks I know and trying everyone’s suggestions and I’m still battling to climb out of this dark, hopeless hole I’ve dug myself into. I know the conclusion of this journey will come at some point, although I’m not exactly sure how end will manifest itself, and I keep reminding myself that life won’t be like this forever and things are improving slowly. It’s just harder to see the big picture looming ahead at the end of this dark tunnel when all I can manage to do is see a few inches in front of my feet.