Photo of Eliz taken in CapahosicMe: A Chick on a Rollercoaster

A resilient, yet somewhat jaded 31 year-old cancer widow on a journey to reclaim, reorganize, and reestablish my life.  I’m still working on figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m ok with being at that stage of my life.   Four years ago, I would have completely disagreed with both clauses in that statement, as I thought I had it figured out…but then my plan got derailed and everything changed.  While this hasn’t always been a fun ride, it’s the one I’m on, it’s definitely been memorable, and I’m just going with it.

My Partner: Chris, aka ChemoBoy: The Cancer Superhero

Chris, Summer '07Now before anyone thinks I’m an insensitive cow of a wife, “ChemoBoy” was the superhero name Chris gave himself while he was undergoing treatment.  The fact that my 31 year-old husband dubbed himself a superhero (albeit the name is in poor taste) is indicative of the kind of guy he was.  He could find humor in just about everything, and usually did. He had a calming presence about him, and while typically a really laid-back dude, he possessed the charisma to transform any situation into a hilarious adventure, just ask anyone who had the pleasure of spending an evening out for libations with him.